Why we need nature and what to do about it

Why we need nature and what to do about it

Good news!  I haven’t been eaten by a Bear... yet.  

Shocking, I know, considering I’ve been spending practically every waking moment outside in this gazebo overlooking the mountains of North Carolina.  If I were a bear I’d come after me.  

I’ve learned a lot on my little expedition… mainly, the importance of nature!  Now, I promise I won’t go too hippie-dippie, but SERIOUSLY we need more nature ya’ll (still working on my twang). The more high-tech our lives become, the more nature we need.

I’m so serious about this that I recorded a whole episode on it… LISTEN HERE.  

Here’s what I learned after doing some research:

  • A 2001 showed that families who can observe a natural scene from their window are less likely to be involved in violence towards partners or children.
  • The University of Michigan (GO BLUE!), discovered that after just an hour interacting with nature, memory performance and attention spans improved by 20%.  And in workplaces designed with nature in mind, employees are more productive and take less sick time.
  • Pennsylvania researchers found that patients in rooms with tree views had shorter hospitalisations, less need for pain medications, and fewer negative comments in the nurses’ notes, compared to patients with views of brick.
  • And finally, a 2007 research project carried out by the University of Essex showed that a walk in the country could counteract depression.

Woah!  Who knew right? But I have a bigger theory.

I personally believe nature is where you can access the divine.  Sure, you can access divinity anywhere, but it’s soooooo easy in nature.  

→ LISTEN HERE ← to discover what I mean.  I’ve got a fun nature challenge in there for you too!

Oh, and I haven’t been lazy, I promise.  I’ve been creating some music…

Text me the word "LIVELIGHT" to 33444 and I'll send you this free meditation that I made in the Virginian mountains.  

I promise it will help you relax.  I’m singing you some sweet melodies that you can zone out to.

Share this with anyone who might have an itch for nature.  In the comments, let me know how you found the divine in nature.  

Live in love and spread your light!    

Live light,


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