Society laughs at meditation

Society laughs at meditation

So what's the deal with this whole meditation stuff?

“Society laughs at spirituality. It’s crazy to me that it’s totally accepted to go out, drink tequila and engage in other self-destructing behaviors. But as soon as you tell someone you meditate they roll their eyes and categorize you as a spiritual hippie,” declares Biet Simkin. 

Well, ok miss Biet, bold statement.  Listen to my friend break it dizzzzown:   

Biet once self destructed.  She knows what it's like to hit rock bottom and then hit upon her highest self as she's now one of the most sought after meditation leaders.  

LISTEN how meditation turned her life around.

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P.S.  She just released her new album "The Lunar" (on Spotify and iTunes) and I convinced her to give you a free song off it.  

Text me the word "THELUNAR" to 33444 and I'll send it to your right away.

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