Gretchen Rubin: Start your happiness project.

Gretchen Rubin: Start your happiness project.

I’m writing you from the mountains of West Virginia!

My friend has been living on a resort for the last year and since it’s out of season, NO ONE IS HERE! 

Literally, I’m writing you in the middle of a ski slope that has no snow, no working chair lifts, and no sign of life beyond my own heartbeat.

It feels wrong to be sending this from my cell phone’s hotspot, as if any moment now nature is going to blow my computer away and smash it against the trees to teach me a lesson.    

Oh well!  I had to send this you this new episode of SoulFeed with Gretchen Rubin because your happiness, like mine, can’t wait.

Gretchen is the EXPERT of happiness with her NY Times Blockbuster books, “Better Than Before,” “The Happiness Project,” and “Happier at Home.”  Have you read them? 

If not, no worries, listen where she reveals the 2 biggest predictors of happiness, how you can master your habits, and what she’s learned studying this subject for 15 years.  

She really inspired me to start my own happiness project, which is why I left New York and am sitting on a mountain wondering if a bear will attack me.  

What will be yours?  Share, and let me know in the comments!  If a Grizzly hasn’t gotten me, I promise I’ll respond!  

Live light,


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