How To Make Valentines Day Everyday

How To Make Valentines Day Everyday

Happy Valentines Day! 

Are you one of those who hate Valentines Day? Are you a corporate conspiracy chocolate crusher? Or maybe you were in Japan planning to march against Vday with the Revolutionary Alliance of Men That Women Are Not Attracted To (yes, it's a real thing...

Well I hear you... sort of... I have mixed feelings about VDay too.

Mainly, because why can't every day be like Valentines Day? 

Cause it's hard! I get it, it's so easy to get caught up in our agendas and forget about love. I know I do it! I'm helping more and more people connect to their inner light but so often I get caught up trying to help others that I forget about my own light, or worse my lovers.

For instance, my girlfriend and I just moved in together, a huge act of love. Now I've never moved in with my partner before so I thought it was going to be fun and games the whole time. Nope! 

I used to think, "I can't wait till our next date!" Now it's started to morph into, "Maybe we should plan a date..." And if I'm not careful it might end up sounding like, "Meh, whatever, I'll see her at home." 

I have to fight for love because this world will try to make me forget. I get so caught up in working, on the externals, that I forget about the things that really matter. Thinking that someone will always be around is an illusion. Thinking you can give your love "someday" is an illusion. 

But I see her all the time now so what's the big deal? True, but am I really seeing her? Sometimes we'll go hours without saying anything. And yes, that's normal, I know, but does it have to be? Do I always have to be caught up in my work? Can I take an extra moment and really see her in a new way? Of course, it's a choice.  

So what's the greatest gift you can give today? Your presence of love!  

This episode of Kip TV is a return to love, a return to consciousness, a return to PRESENCE! Watch here to see what I mean... 

If you haven't gotten your loved one a present, well it's obvsiouly too late so don't go on a chocolate shopping spree (especially if you're the conspiracy type), instead just give your presence!  

In fact, I'm going to challenge you. Lent just started after all! They may seem unrelated so let me tie the bow on this gift you're about to give. 

Lent started a couple days ago and most people are busy giving up chocolate, alcohol, or any other guilty pleasure (nothing wrong with that). But this year Pope Francis had a really intriguing guide to lent... "Francis suggests that even more than candy or alcohol, we fast from indifference towards others...  when we fast from this indifference, we can begin to feast on love." 

So let's feast on love whether or not you celebrate Valentines Day or Lent. 

Make your presence of love present; it's the greatest present you could ever give. Really see that person for the first time again, and you'll be amazed at what you find.  

As always, leave a comment and let me know, how can you give your presence today? Spread the love by sharing this video because the world needs love to be present. 

Live light, 


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