Caroline Myss: Why I almost wet my pants interviewing her.

Caroline Myss: Why I almost wet my pants interviewing her.

Ok, so I didn't almost wet my pants...

BUT... that's one of the first things Caroline Myss says to us in this new SoulFeed episode.  

Here are some classic quotable zingers from our interview:

"If that happened you'd wet your pants!"

"If I hit you over the head with that microphone, I'd knock you out!"

"Oh, you're such a grasshopper!"  

No joke!  I was shocked!

After all, she's known as one of the greatest living spiritual teachers of our time.  Member listening to Marianne Williamson, Seane Corn, and Gabby Bernstein on our show?  

They were ALL influenced HEAVILY by Caroline.

Heard of the Chakras?  All Caroline.  

She's a five-time New York Times bestselling author, international speaker, and leader in the field of consciousness, spirituality, mysticism, and medical intuition.

In fact, she developed the field of Energy Anatomy, a science that correlates the emotional, physical, and spiritual stress patterns with diseases.

She even tells me some surprising stuff about my past illness after "reading me."  

Basically she's a HUGE DEAL!  So I was expecting her to be warm and fuzzy.

Nope, she ONLY speaks the truth and has A LOT to say.

Ultimately, she taught me not to be afraid of my own power.  It's easy to let fear keep up from telling it like it is and owning our truth.  

"Who am I to speak up?  Who am I to learn a living doing what I love?"

It can be tough to step out as leader.  Yet, after doing it myself and now helping countless others do it, once you are called to turn your purpose into your life's work, it will never go away, and must be answered.

Speaking of, my friend Gabby Bernstein (who you heard about last week), just released another free training video about this very topic.  So many people emailed me about the last one and I know you'll love this even more.

Imagine if Caroline stayed trapped in her fear of stepping out, would Gabby be serving like she does?  Imagine that you can be that person for someone, cause you can.  

You see, it's great teachers like Caroline and Gabby who tell it like it is and inspire us to go bigger. 

So check out Gabby's free video where she breaks down the 3 most common mistakes that blocks us from doing what we know we must.  

Grab the video here! It's only up till September 29th!

Then of course listen to Caroline embarrass me over and over again (I promised I wouldn't edit any of it out so you get to hear it all).  

As always, live in love and spread your light!  

Live light,


P.S.  There's another free training video coming your way in a few days.  The grasshopper in me can't wait to share!

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