This invitation could change everything…

This invitation could change everything… 

Have you ever met one of your idols?  

Of all the people I’ve interviewed on SoulFeed, Gabby Bernstein made me the most nervous.

I’ll never forget seeing her on Oprah four years ago and thinking, “that’s what I want to do!”  She’s been an inspiration from afar, someone I owe a lot to.

So when I hopped on the phone with her I almost couldn’t believe it.  Have you ever talked to one of your heroes?  It’s a pretty amazing moment.  But then a strange thing happens…

You realize you’re no different!

It’s so easy to look at people who’ve achieved so much and think, “yeah, well lucky for them!”  Or, “man I’ll never be able to do that!”

That’s how I used to think, until I learned to LEARN FROM THEM, not worry whether or not I could do it.

Cause you know what?  That’s what they did with their heroes.  They started just like you and I.  They didn’t have the answers, they didn’t know the next move, but they did have something burning within them.

And it’s funny cause the person I was most nervous about interviewing happened to be the most generous and kind guest.  I can honestly call Gabby a friend now.  She’s answered emails about projects I’m getting into, offered me tickets to her events, and TRULY practices what she preaches.

By now you’ve seen some of her free training videos.  I know because so many have reached out to tell me how impactful they were.  But that’s just the start…

This invitation I’m about to offer you could change your career, life, and spiritual understanding.  

I’ve been waiting to tell you about it and NOW it’s finally LIVE: Gabby’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital.

This transformational online training program is top of the line.  I have invested in so many programs to help get me where I am today and her training is one of a kind.

It's a deep-dive into what it means (and takes) to turn your purpose into your paycheck. It equips you with the tools, knowledge and network you need to catalyze real, sustainable growth as a soul warrior.

In her 8 module Spirit Junkie training, you will:

  • Get step-by-step guidance on how to establish and grow your spiritual business, manifest media for your message and make money online doing what you love.
  • Deepen your own spiritual practice.
  • Get advice and wisdom from leading experts in personal growth and spirituality.
  • Learn how to turn your blog into a business, publish a life-changing book, lead a transformational talk and create digital courses so that you can create passive revenue for your great work.
  • Establish key connections - professional relationships and personal friendships alike - with fellow Spirit Junkie leaders on the private Facebook group and the live comment feed in the training community.
  • Become eligible to become part of Gabby's elite international coaching referral network.
  • Join 2 live Q&A calls with Gabby.

When you sign up for the training before enrollment closes on October 9th, you'll also get Gabby’s brand new Spirit Junkie Business Basics digital program.

She created and designed this 3-module digital program with her team of business professionals, including lawyers, bookkeepers, CPA’s and insurance brokers. It will give you everything you need to set up the back end of your business: contracts, negotiating tools, insurance information and much more. It's valued at $397, but it’s free when you sign up before Oct. 9th.

After I was given a second chance at life, my mission became about helping people step into and fulfill their potential.  I don’t ever want people to look back on their life and think “what a waste” or “could I have done it differently?”

Yes, you could have AND always can.  We have the power to turn anything around -truly a breakthrough is a decision away.

In fact, this is how committed I am to helping you breakthrough…

I’m offering $1000 worth of epic bonuses when you enroll in Gabby’s program through October 9th (only 8 days away).  Yep!   

Check out my breakthrough bonuses here.

It’s time to shine bright and do what you were meant to do on this earth.

That’s what lights me up.

And I would love to help you get there.

Live light,


P.S.  If you’re nervous about investing in yourself, then I’ve got you covered. I JUST released this episode today on SoulFeed on how to think about investing differently.  Did you know most millionaires go bankrupt at least 3.5 times?  Listen here to find out more…


As a proud affiliate of Gabrielle Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital Training, we believe wholeheartedly in her work, her voice, her mission, and her message. As an affiliate, we may earn a referral fee if you take this course based on our recommendation. You will be eligible to receive my Spirit Junkie Bonus Gifts listed above ONLY if you register for Spirit Junkie Digital Training through the link we provide and complete the program and are current on all payments. The bonuses will be released by December 10, 2015.  

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