In Times of Terror, Wage Beauty w/ Mark Gonzales

In Times of Terror, Wage Beauty w/ Mark Gonzales

This SoulFeed episode with Mark Gonzales is near and dear to my heart.  

I met Mark over dinner in LA with a small group of wellness leaders (many have been on SoulFeed) where he led us through a soul stirring inquiry that to this day still gives me chills.

I had met a modern day Rumi (one of the greatest poets EVER).  

Now, I'm so thankful I'm able to pass his beauty on to you (your turn to pass the wisdom).  Check it out and you'll know what I mean.

Mark is the author of "In Times of Terror, Wage Beauty."  Hm hm hm... that title alone is enough to re-shape the world!  And that's what he's doing as the creator of the Institute of Narrative Growth, an HBO def jam poet, and a speaker at the United Nations.

I read a lot of books and this one by far is one of my favorites.  Here's just a few quotable moments:

“Even when your breath seems weak & quivering, give thanks. Wounded though an exhale may be, it is scientific proof we are still amongst the land of the living. That alone is reason for hope.”
“For we have vastly limited the definition of healing, loved ones. It is not merely the absence of pain, it is the presence of pleasure.”
“What better way is there to shift a paradigm than by speaking in ways that encourage dreams, laughter and imagination. For those acts of creativity are not luxury, short sighted or simplistic, they are essential.”
“A culture that is not in control of their own narrative will forever live at the mercy of another’s pen.”

Alright, I could literally go on and on with more quotes but it's probably easiest if you

--> LISTEN HERE <-- instead.  

Hear how the power of stories are the engine of our identity and the re-shaping they require for a more peaceful planet.

I'm telling you, this man is changing the world with his words, now you can too.

Live light,


Thanks for listening!

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