The Quickest And Easiest Way To Scream Through Frustration

The Quickest And Easiest Way To Scream Through Frustration

Ever want to scream without making everyone around you think you're psycho?

How do you deal with annoying frustrations that come up in your life?

A couple days ago I was working on editing this EPIC SoulFeed episode and it all went to SHIT.  I’m talking epic, an hour of killer content.  I get about 20 minutes in and the rest of the file isn’t there.  Gone.  Vanished! WTF?!?!?!?!?!  

This came at the end of a 10+ hour work day! AHHHHH!  Anything like this ever happened to you?

I had two options: bottle it up or scream.  I decided to SCREEEEAAMMMMM and jump up and down like a fool.  My dog started howling with me, it was quite a scene.  Once the curtain came down on our little drama I felt a strange peace.  

Luckily, I just interviewed Hemalayya on the SoulFeed who taught me how to move through these ugly emotions when they come up.  She said that after doing her exercises I would feel 100% better.  I was skeptical but did it anyways, and well, she was right!  

Listen to our interview to learn her amazing techniques.  

Normally I would put on my positive mask and act like this was all part of some higher purpose.  But you know what?  F’ that!  It sucked!  

Now, was losing 40 minutes of an interview a huge deal?  No, I get that.  But it’s a reflection of a larger point.  Listen to figure out what I mean:


We’ve been taught not to feel.  E-motions is energy in motion.  And if we don’t move those nasty emotions out then they get trapped.

Trust me, you don’t want that.  

Now, I’m also not saying that you wallow in self pity.  It’s about moving through them right when they surface so you don’t have to live with it later down the road.  

When we experience something traumatic we can either deal with it right then and there or store it into our cellular makeup.  Once it gets stored it’s a lot harder to move out.  

Listen how to transform by screaming, shaking, and breathing through those difficult emotions.  Honestly, it is a lot more fun than you think- and you’ll hear Shannon and I shouting like idiots if you want a good laugh.   

Let me know how these techniques worked for you!  

As always, live in love and spread your light!  

Much love,