Love Wins (a straight man's perspective)

Love Wins (my straight man perspective)


Love wins! 

We have witnessed history!  To all my LGBT friends out there this video is for you AND mainly to all my straight friends out there, this video is REALLY for you!  

I’m sure I’m going to get some whiplash for creating this video, but you know what I’m so proud of what our country stood for that I had to send this.

Actually, it’s funny, I shot this video 5 months ago but waited until now to release it.  Why?  Because I was hoping the Supreme Court would rule in loves favor and they did! 

Now, maybe you’re getting triggered by this email and are about to unsubscribe.  But let’s pause for a second and consider the larger conversation at play.

As a straight man who grew up in Ohio I never really understood what it meant to be “gay.”  Why?  BECAUSE I LIKE GIRLS!  A lot…

Then, when I went off to Michigan for musical theatre I was surrounded by a lot of gay people.  Ah!  I hate when I do that!  NO STRAIGHT BOY, NO!  “Gay” people?  We’re all people!  Phrases like that were engrained into my way of thinking. 

That brings us to the larger conversation within all of us, and that’s the concept of “understanding.”  We tend to fear or dismiss what we don’t know.  Watch this to see what I mean:


Makes sense, right? 

I’ll never forget my first year in college when I met my brother from another mother Kent, who’s openly gay.  We were in the cafeteria getting lunch and I flippantly said, “Ah man that’s so gay, they ran out of pizza!” 

He looked me dead in the eyes and said, “Don’t ever say that again.”  I thought I was going to die.

Yep!  That shut me up reallllll quick! 

I was just a naïve little Midwestern boy who went around saying dumb stuff like that.  And I realized in that moment I never considered his perspective. 

That insensitive straight boy had a lot to learn! 

You see, it’s so easy to ignore aspects of life that don’t make sense to us.   To push people aside and pretend like they don’t matter.  We’ve been conditioned to behave and think a certain way that often doesn’t match up with the way love would have us see. 

I mean think about it, even the phrase “gay marriage” is offensive.  It’s just marriage!

Yet, the point of this video is not about marriage.  It’s about realizing what you may be blocking from your life simply because you don’t understand it.  Imagine if I had never talked to Kent because I was straight and he wasn’t?  That would suck!  No free Broadway tickets for me! 

Instead, get curious.  In this video I’ll take you through some powerful questions that will hopefully change your perspective on things you don’t understand.

In the end, understand that you don’t have to understand. 

Does that make sense!  No?  Good!  Lean into the confusion. 

After you watch, answer the questions these questions that will unlock your blind spots in the comment below.

1. What are three things you don't understand? 

2. How can you explore one this week?  

I’d love to know what’s coming up for you.    

 As always, live in love and spread your light!

Naïve reformed straight boy,