What The Heck Is Synchronicity Anyways?

What The Heck Is Synchronicity Anyways?

You know how people throw that word "synchronicity" around all the time?  What the heck do they really mean?  

I'll never forget when I first read about "synchronicity" in The Artist Way by Julie Cameron.  The phrase comes from the psychologist Carl Jung where he defines it as, "an underlying connection to the universe that manifests itself through meaningful coincidences."  HUH?!

I like to think of it as whispers from God (whatever you want to call it) that you're on the right path.

I know, I know - years ago I thought it was complete BS too.  But now I see it all the time.  


In fact, in this new SoulFeed episode you'll hear how a BIG SYNCHRONISTIC moment happened last week when I was randomly invited to Mastin Kipp's, "Claim Your Power" event as his guest.  


This was at a time when I was feeling pretty burned out.  So I asked for some guidance, anything at all.  Then BOOM, two tickets from Mastin valued at $1000 each out of nowhere, talk about synchronicity!

Tony Robbins says that Mastin "is having a massive impact on the world" and it was such an honor to be at the event.  Listen all the way to the end and you'll hear how I'm returning the favor to you!    

I know it sounds woo woo but there is actually some scientific grounding to this found in quantum physics, fractal geometry, and chaos theory.

Am I losing you again?

Then listen here as I reveal some surprising hints about how to tap into synchronicity and how it's working in your life.  

You'll start to hear the universes whispers so you can create a life of purpose.  

As always, live in love and spread your light.  

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Live light,