The Secrets To Intimacy

The Secrets To Intimacy

It's time to get INTIMATE... ooh la la!   

Anyone else get uncomfortable when they see that word?  Me too.  Especially when it's an email from someone like me?  I get it!

This word "intimacy" make a lot of people uncomfortable.  In fact, so uncomfortable that we forget what intimacy is all about.   

On this episode of SoulFeed, we brought on an intimacy expert for you named Kamala Chambers.  

An intimacy expert?  Yep!  Sounds enticing?  Well it should cause she really breaks down the hidden messages of intimacy.


It's not about getting something from someone else or bedroom tricks (although she talks about that too).  You can have an intimate moment with a blueberry (yep, she goes there too)!  

This soul warrior really changed the way I think about intimacy in my relationships and interactions with the people I meet.  

Listen here for her profound, yet simple tools, wisdom, and grace!  


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