3 Most Common Mistakes In Relationships

3 Most Common Mistakes In Relationships

How's your relationship going?  Is that awkward to ask?  

It's a sticky subject, whether you're single, married, or in a brand new relationship!  

I was just coaching a client the other day and he kept saying, “She doesn’t understand me!  Why doesn’t she get it?”

Is it cause we say some dumb crap as guys?  Or maybe women speak a different language?

No, that's not it!  (I mean yeah I say some dumb stuff…)  


But be honest... Have you ever had a stupid argument with your partner that left you thinking, "what was that all about?"  Or ever felt like breaking up before really giving it a chance?  

I have!  And it sucks.  It’s tough sometimes because we don’t know what to look for when these issues come up or how to communicate a solution.

Well, in this new SoulFeed episode, I got to interview relationship expert Louis Congdon from the Lasting Love Connection.

He’s been involved in one of the nation's largest research project around relationships, and he has some incredible insight for you today.  

In this episode, you'll hear about the 3 most common problems in relationships and HOW TO FIX THEM!  


And "All my single ladies" (yes, we do sing that in this episode), we got you covered too: he's going to teach you how to attract the partner you really want, not the one you "think" you want.  Hint:  Often they are two different people.  


Click here if you want to find out how to powerfully elevate your relationship or start a new one.


Oh, and you'll hear how Luis and I work through problems in our own relationships.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  


After you listen, let me know, which problem do you identify with most in your relationship?  What's one thing you can do today to have an amazing love life?


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