Change Your Environment & Change Your Life

Change Your Environment & Change Your Life

Did you see blue and black or white and gold?  If you don’t know what I’m talking about then you might be a little disconnected from the world (in this case it’s ok).  

That dress… holy crap, it caused a quite a stir (I’m gonna do a talk about the science of this soon), but what I found most fascinating was how it connected us all.  

We are hungry for connection.  We’re socially wired to be a part of communities, to seek connection, and healthy environments.  


So what happens when you and I get detached from these things?     

“In a meta-analysis of over 100,000 subjects published in 2012... the effects of social connection on health were comparable to smoking and about three times larger than obesity."

Yikes!  I hate this!  So I made a new Kip TV video you can watch here.  

In fact, I did some more probing and a lack of connection and a poor environment are one of the biggest predictors of addiction.  

Now, hopefully your flares didn’t go off.  I’m not here to call you out.  Shoot, I’m addicted to things!  I can’t freaking put down my phone!  I’m constantly checking my social media, getting bombarded with #thedress, and waiting for someone to SHARE THIS VIDEO!  Ok, not really, but you know what I mean…   

Everytime I get lost in these rabbit holes I realize that all I’m trying to do is feel a sense of connection.  


I’m here to remind us of the importance of love and share a really powerful story about one of my clients.  

In this video, I’m going to show you one of my coaching clients struggles with addiction, how he went from being a cocaine addict, to now thriving and being a voice for other people.  In fact, he’s now making a movie about his struggles to inspire others!  Check out his indiegogo page here to see more, he’s got less than three day left, show some love!  

How did he do that?  By of course changing his environment, never looking back, AND most importantly by connecting back to love.


In this episode of Kip TV, I get pretty personal and share some stories about my own life and how addiction showed up.  Why?  Because I want to be vulnerable in an effort to encourage others to step into love.


Make love you drug of choice and give it to everyone you know.  

Because that love will fuel someone with the strength to quit.  Loves power is stronger than we think!  

So I’m wondering…. let me know in the comments on the full blog

1.    How can you change your environment for the better?

2.   How can you show your love to someone in need?

The potential for change in your life is huge!  We must never forget that.  No matter where we are there is always a way out and love is the vehicle for that change.  


Share this video with those who need to hear the message, you never know how it could change things.  

Let me know in the comments your answers to the questions.  

Live light,