Turn tragedy into opportunity

Turn tragedy into opportunity


Has some disappointing crazy shiznit every happened to you?  

"You mean like making an epic Halloween costume that one recognized?"  (Click here and tell me if you know what I was...) 

But no, seriously, has something happened that you never thought you could bounce back from?

Well, you are not alone, my friend. 

Naturally I resonate with cancer survivors who are doing EPIC things in the world like Namrata Gujral…

For her work as a filmmaker for Warner Bros “1 a Minute," Lifetime TV honored Gujral as one of their “Remarkable Women," making her the first Indian-American to join the ranks of other notables such as Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton. 

She serves as President of UniGlobe Entertainment, making her the first among her generation of South Asian- Americans in Hollywood, to successfully affiliate her company with a major Hollywood Studio (Warner Bros). 

AND she launched The Thrive Channel, a media brand devoted to cancer survivors which has featured notable cancer survivors like Olivia Newton-John.

But that’s not what impresses me. 

Cause guess what?  She did it all AFTER her greatest tragedy.   

What impresses me is how she turned tragedy into opportunity.  See what I mean by listening:

PODCAST:  Turn tragedy into opportunity.

You see, tragedy often produces an awakening of the soul.  A shift internally where you’re left with a choice: to pursue or perish. 

Don’t worry!  If you’re reading this, you’re obviously not the “perish” type. 

Hear how this Soul Warrior took her life to the next level when she thought it was over…

PODCAST: Turn tragedy into opportunity.

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P.S.  How will you turn your tragedy around to serve others?  Let me know in the comments below...

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