The Surprising Truth About Happiness.

The Surprising Truth About Happiness.

"Why do I hide?"  I found myself asking that a lot when I was first getting started. 

It's funny, this was the first video I shot for Kip TV and it took me five months to release it. 

I remember shooting this on the beach in Cape Cod and thinking, "this is the perfect shot!"  A couple nights later, I was working an event at a crazy night club and I forced my friend to follow me around with an iPhone to get more footage.  You should have seen the looks we got!      

I was so PUMPED!  And then I GOT SCARED!    

Sound familiar? Why do we do that? 

Cause it's vulnerable as hell.  Cause I'm talking about issues and subjects that we normally sweep under the rug.  Watch here to see what I mean...

This video is how darkness shows up in our lives.  The fact that we all suffer. We all have dark moments that we're trying to hide from, when really what we're all trying to do is find a way back to the light. 

But that's scary as hell to talk about.  Right?  No one wants to talk about the dark moments. No one wants to read about that. 

The fact that we can't talk with vulnerability is the very problem.    

After interviewing some of the most influential leaders in personal development, therapy, and spirituality, I realized that only when we are able to look at our darkness can we step into our light.  We can't hide from it, hiding only covers up our true potential.  

"If you can't find it, then you can't define it.  And if you can't define it, then it will define you." ---> tweet it out!  

Now, don't get me wrong, we all experience this.  It's human nature.  But how powerful would it be if we lived in a society that openly embraced vulnerable conversations?  

You have that power!  You are meant to do any and everything you put your mind to.  It's time to claim your light! 

You may be thinking, "But who am I to claim my true potential?"  That's what your ego would have you believe.  It's time to call that f'er out.  

Check out this new episode of Kip TV for some answers. Or if you'd rather listen to it on the SoulFeed you can do that too. 

If you know someone who's going through a dark time, please share this video so they know that we all have those moments.  So they know they're not alone.  

 Then in the comments, share your vulnerable story- it will feel oh sooooo good.  

Till next time, claim your purpose, live your love, and spread your light. 

Live Light,


P.S.  Vulnerability is sexy! 

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