Joel Brown: Achieving Massive Success Through Your Highest Values

Joel Brown: Achieving Massive Success Through Your Highest Values

Joel Brown from Addicted2Success, the #1 personal development site on the web that reaches over a million people a day, BREAK IT DIZOWN in this episode!  AND he’s only 28!!!   

We were joking that he’s a year older than me, or was, and that I have some catching up to do. It’s true, I do.

In this episode, you’ll learn how to live from your highest values and why he turned down a 1.2 million dollar buyout for his site TWICE, yes TWICE.  I woulda been like “give me the money!”  

He explains how having the highest integrity will get you want you want.  I’ve written for his blog before and that they don’t mess around, they only feature the best.  

Listen here as Joel teaches you how to get Addicted2Success through your highest values:

Hear how this young Aussie (yes, he has a dope accent) went from working a corporate job he hated, to becoming financially free, and living his dream life.

Discover how to achieve massive results and learn more about the Addicted2Success creator by learning his 6 steps to success:

·      Break through your struggles

·      Follow your passion

·      Taste freedom

·      Build your business

·      Live from your values

·      Be your truth

Excerpts from the interview below.  For the full interview listen here.

The struggle to success story:

Joel:            I used to work in sales, and I wasn't 100% happy with where I was. The whole struggle of driving to and from work, commuting in traffic each and every day. I think I was wasting like 2 hours a day sitting in traffic. It you do the math, that's like around about 10 hours a week, 40 hours a month, 400 something hours a year, and yeah, just really wasting a life.

For me, I've always had it in me to want to achieve the extraordinary, and I would do anything when I was younger to get better results, hustle and be more creative with whatever I was doing. I just wouldn't give up. It was a consistency, the persistence, and I got amazing results growing up doing all the outside the box things.

I've always looked up to your Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Stephen Covey, who else? Looking at T. Harv Eker, Les Brown. All those guys are so amazing. When I came up with the idea of starting a website, it’s that platform where I was able to really see who else out there in the world is obsessed with self-development like I am.

I pushed hard for it, man, because it's what I believed in, first and foremost, and then the money was secondary.

About 4 and a half years back, and while talking about casting your vision and also finding your values, things that you're good at, your strengths, identifying your weaknesses, and staying away from them, and that's really when I put the two together where I found that I was passionate about self-development, but I was also strong at using computers and technology, so I put the two together, and that really is what birthed idea of Addicted2Success.

Follow your passion and taste the freedom:

Joel:            I was obviously following my passion. I was interested in self-development. It was my highest value, right?

Then I made a little bit of money. Then when I made enough money, I was able to leave my day job. When I left my day job, I had a taste of that freedom. When you have a taste of that freedom, then you realize, "Wow, money is important, but how much do I actually need?"

As the business has grown, I've also had to really grow as an individual as well because your business only grows to the extent that you do.

I tell a lot of people that I coach and I share advice with is that if you are able to just make an extra $500 a month, that shifts you into a completely different lifestyle. You can eat at better restaurants. You can drive a better car. You can not stress about the smaller bills. You can move to a different area where it's safer, and it's a little bit more pimped out, right?

Having that extra income can do crazy things, and that's why I'm such a fun of residual income, which is making money while you're sleeping, you wake up in the morning; there's that extra $30, $50, $100 or so a day. That can do huge things for you, your life, your relationship, your business, and whatever else you want to invest it in.

Make decisions based on your highest values not money.  Why Joel refused a million dollar buyout:

Joel:            I was offered a million dollars twice ... a million one time, and 1.2 the next. I said no because I knew, and still know, that my work is not done. I feel that we're just getting started with Addicted2Success.

I'm building a lot of my own personal brand as well, which is a great way to sky-rocket that if I have the platform in place already and then millions and millions of views every month.

Money isn't one of my highest values. It's up there, right, but it's not number 1, 2, or 3.  I think that I learned at a young age that you should really make decisions based off your highest values.

My highest values are self-development, travel, and relationship. Your values can always change, but it's always good to identify them and stick by them while making decisions.

Set your business up for success.  How to avoid the superman complex:

Whenever you run a business, it doesn't even have to be an online business, you should have a system in place. Automate things where you can, if you can, and also have a good team of people.

Have good people around you. I think that makes such a huge difference. I had this huge superman complex where for the first 2 and a half, 3 years, I didn't want to give any control or power over to anybody. I was so worried about letting somebody take over the social media or take over editing, and I really shot myself in the foot because I could have had a lot more freedom. I could have had a lot more time to work on my own things creatively and being in that creative space without worrying about the kind of non-income-generating activities or smaller activities.

Give a little bit of power over. Train some people up, and document the trainings just in case you need to hire somebody else, and do that, because you could be missing out on an extra hour in your day or 2 hours in your day for the other things that you value.

Have only the highest standards:

Set the standard or even raise the standard when you feel like you're getting the traffic, and you're getting the views, and you're getting the community around you ... Raise the standards a little bit, and keep them at that level, and don't really settle.

If I didn't receive any good articles and I couldn't write any articles myself, I just wouldn't post because I didn't want to sacrifice the sake of just putting something out for the sake of just to have an article out there like a lot of other websites do.

A lot of people don't understand that. They just want to get it out there and put every single article out. It's like trying to hit a target. You just shoot ... How many bullets can I shoot until I hit the bull's eye? How about getting better at that shot and then aiming and giving it some time before you pull the trigger? That's really the way I look at it.

I wanted every article to be quality. I really hope that what we're putting out is considered at least above average or extraordinary level, for sure.

Define your own version of success:

This is one thing that I like to teach other people, what is success to you? For me, what I used to do was I used to set my massive goals, but I'll also have the little goals along the way. It could be something as simple as like, "Oh, I want to get 200 shares on an article and put content out and wait," and then, oh, yeah, I just hit 200 shares. Celebrate that. Don't celebrate that for too long because you don't want to spend all the time celebrating.

Small achievements along the way give you that kind of feedback that what you're doing is right, that you're getting that progress going on, which is very important for anybody that needs to stay consistent or is trying to find that motivation.

Build your brand by focusing on community:

Joel:            Focus on community 100%. I don't encourage bullying or swearing at each other in comments or anything like that, right; so first and foremost, I delete those negative and bullying comments. It's a positive community.

Second thing is I encourage people to share. I don't go pushy or sales-y with it. I just say, "Look, if you're really feeling this, please share this with your friends, fans, and followers." Another thing is, I like to send out questionnaires now and then or get some feedback from people.

Keep it personal, too. If you're the founder of the website, the CEO of the website, you want to put a picture of you in your signature and all that, like on the emails that you do when you do mail-outs. You want to have a bit of presence yourself so that people don't think it's just a brand.

Non-negotiable success habits you must adopt:

Joel:            The first thing, which is first and foremost, is the foundation of really getting yourself started with self-development is finding your values. Then you've got your beliefs. Then you have your habits. Then you have your skills.

The beliefs, habits, and skills are really the key cornerstones to success because your beliefs are really about your mindset, how much you believe that you can really achieve that.  They’re really the 3 key cornerstones, and the foundation is the values.

As far as habits go, Charlene, my wife, and I learned a pretty cool little morning routine from Robin Sharma when we met him right about 6 weeks back. He does this thing called the 20/20/20 in the morning; usually what we do is we start off the day with 20 minutes of self-development, 20 minutes of meditation and visualization, and 20 minutes of exercise.

It's really going to set an awesome mood for your day, and you just got to imagine that what if I did wake up an hour earlier. I would have had that time, and I would have been on a way better foot than waking up an hour later and then trying to rush out the door.

The greatest piece of advice he’s ever received:

Joel:            The greatest advice that I ever received would have been from Tony Robbins when I interviewed Tony, I actually asked him a very specific about how to stand out in the self-development industry.

He said, "Look, this is what I know, Joel, of over the 30 or 40 years that I've been around doing this thing." He said that "the biggest advantage in business and in life is truth. The only way you can gain truth is through experience."

Through that experience with Tony, and then through my own understandings, is that you can hear all the advice that's out there. You can go and do your research. You can jump on Addicted2Success, and you can look at the hundreds and hundreds or thousands of articles that we have, but if you don't have your own philosophy, then all that stuff is everybody else's word, and if you're not putting the action into whatever you're learning, it's all just sitting in your head and dissipating away each and every day.

Yeah, I think really what it is is get out there, and we all really know what to do. We do. We've been told hundreds of times. If you listen to podcasts right now, this one in particular, or even one of mine... You would have already received all the great advice from them anyway.

It's about putting in the action and getting that experience so that you can have your truth, and that is what people buy into. That's what people love. That's what is going to separate you from the rest.

And finally, Joel’s last 30 second speech to the world:

Joel:            "Live your life through your highest of highest values. That is the place where you'll be self-empowered, self-motivated. You won't need any external motivation. You'll light your own flame. Follow your values, and live your truth."


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