Chandresh Bhardwaj: Ready to break the norms?

Chandresh Bhardwaj: Ready to break the norms?

Our Guest:

Chandresh Bhardwaj is a modern ­age spiritual advisor, author, and speaker. Chandresh – which translates to “Master of Consciousness” – hails from a seven­generation lineage of spiritual healers in India. Based in Los Angeles, he holds talks all over the globe. Chandresh approaches spirituality with a combination of ancient wisdom and modern thinking. The Dalai Lama commends Chandresh as having an “...innovative teaching style [and a] natural talent for spiritual matters.” His book 'Break the Norms', which Deepak Chopra called, “simple approach for looking deep within and discovering one’s divine potential,” is releasing nationwide on January 1st. To learn more, visit

Quick Preview of the Podcast: 

  • How to set your intention so you can achieve what you want. 
  • The seven­ generation spiritual wisdom to improve your life. 
  • Why you must break the norms to achieve your souls purpose.

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Listen to expand your consciousness and break the norms.

In the comments let me know, how will you break the norms?

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