Turn holiday anticipation into manifestation

Turn holiday anticipation into manifestation


Oh my, gosh, it’s coming... 

CHRISTMAS is almost here! HAPPY HOLIDAYS to whatever you celebrate! 

I started thinking... 

Why do I get so excited?  What if I could bring that excitement into my life on the regular? How can I capture that? 

What if you brought that same anticipation into the things you’re hoping for but haven’t seen yet? 

What are you wishing for this year?

There’s a recipe for anticipation.  And in this episode we’re going to capture it together.

Cause if you can anticipate a future that hasn’t yet arrived, then you’ll never be stuck again. Hope in the unseen and it will be seen.  

In this podcast you’ll hear... 

  • ­How to turn Holiday anticipation into a recipe for success
  • My Christmas carol mashup to inspire you 
  • Why you are the hope for others

Much peace to you and your family this Holiday season.  Let’s make it last and bring it into our new year!  

Live light, 


P.S.  I sing a whole medley of Xmas songs at the end, if you like carols then tune in!  And if you don’t, then well, tune in anyways!

Thanks for listening!

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