Breaking Through This Year

Breaking Through This Year

Ready to feel first class?  

I was sitting in first class flying back to New York from Ohio, thinking, “Wow, this is what it’s like.”  And no, I didn’t pay for it!  

This is what I did: I noticed there were open seats and I just plopped down.  I wanted to see what would happen.  

To my surprise, no one said anything.  No one was confused.    

That’s kinda what a breakthrough is like, you’re sitting there thinking, “is this really happening?!  Is that all I had to do?” 

If you remember a few months ago I told you how I lost my external hard drive the last time I was flying. Meaning, I lost the ENTIRE program that I designed for you.  Well this time I sat in first class smiling... 

The 7-Day Breakthrough is finished. 

That’s kinda what a breakthrough is like too, “Man, member when I was struggling to put this thing together?!  Now, I have to re-do it!!!!!!  F***!!!  

BUT- soon that turns into, “It’s done!”  And you can sit in first class and smile.  

It was good I lost it though… perhaps divine… 

Cause member when I asked you what your #1 question about having a breakthrough was

Well, I got hundreds of responses!  Thanks to your questions I was able to re-do the program and tailor it to your needs.  

But I really wanted to address these questions first in my new podcast… Listen below...

After so many questions came in, I boiled it down to these most common concerns (is one of them yours?)… 

  • How do I take that first scary step?
  • How do you fight the safety of staying in something not right but it's "secure" with the desire to leap?
  • Where do I start and by what process do I condense these endless possibilities to arrive at a conclusion?
  • How can I do it differently this time and make it work?
  • Once you've come to believe in your dream, what is the secret magic word for conjuring up the time and money to manifest it?
  • How to find the time (as a full time working mom of 2) to do meaningful self-work?

Listen to the surprising answers so you can avoid the confusion and get clear. 

You don’t need a resolution this year- you need a breakthrough.  

Live light, 


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Thanks for listening!

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