Reflect, then resolve.

If you’re like me, or 45% of Americans who make New Year’s resolutions, you’re probably writing down all your new goals for 2016.

“This year I’ll spend less and save more.  I’ll spend more time with family.  I’ll get organized.”

You know how it goes…

You and I are both good at that part.  But only 8% actually achieve their resolution, yikes!

I was thinking, how come every year I say I’m going to buy Kip’s castle but then somehow I never quite have the 10 million it would require?!  What gives?! 

So instead of berating you about how you need to stick to you goals, stay strong, and persevere, I’m not going to do that. 

Instead, I want to take a gentler approach to stating this year.  Cause you know what, I’m sick of people yelling at me about sticking to my goals, maybe you are too?

The problem is NOT that you’re incapable of achieving your goals, the problem is you forget how capable you really are! 

When the ball dropped I immediately texted my girlfriend (she’s in Columbia without me L ) “Happy 2017!”  Obviously I got a little ahead of myself (I literally thought it was 2017).  I’m always somewhere in the future.

And I realized… I NEVER reflect on all the amazing things that happened THIS year. 

So I want to do that with you today.  Cause if we can reflect and remember all of the memorable moments of 2015 then it’s going to be A LOT easier to get motivated for 2016! 

Write your answers to the New Years Process in the comments below so I can see what you’re thinking. 

The New Years Process:

Step 1:  Write out 10 amazing things that happened for you this year! 

So I’ll go first…

  1. Starting SoulFeed and hitting “New and Noteworthy” on iTunes.
  2. Moving in with my girlfriend to a new apartment (that was scary!).  
  3.  Growing my businesses 10x and working with private clients.
  4.  Expanding my network of friends and colleagues (they’re epic peeps).   
  5. Deepening my spiritual practice.
  6. Taking 3 mini vacations during the year (a month in the mountains was by far the coolest.)
  7. Committing to San Diego and moving out of New York City.
  8.  Landing a literary agent (in 4 freakin’ hours, what?!).
  9. Developing a consistent meditation and gratitude practice.
  10. Connecting with you. 

Step 2:  Read them back and put yourself into the feeling of each of them.

Step 3:  Now start planning 2016.

I think this approach is so much more impactful than just beating away at all the things we want to happen this year. 

See all the cool stuff you did? Give thanks for the year you had no matter what happened. Now, make it even stronger! 

Live light,


P.S.  Resolutions are a bunch of BS by the way.  I'm having a virtual "Vision Workshop" coming up to show you why!  Be the first to know about it here.  

P.P.S.  The 7-Day Breakthrough is done.  And it didn’t happen through a resolution (sorry, I just can’t with that word)!