gratitude from Clients

Brad Button

Real Estate Agent 

I can't express how much Alex has helped me get back in touch with myself.  In a very authentic and approachable way, Alex has guided me towards a greater degree of self-awareness and self-confidence that had long been buried.  My life is changing in so many positive ways as result.  I am excited to see where my journey will take me now!


Marken Greenwood


I came to Alex at one of the most difficult times in my life.  I had lost my father months before and was struggling against the change that the loss had brought to my life.  I wanted things to stay the same, but I had been changed irrevocably.  After four years in New York, I felt an intense urge to return home to my family and hometown, Los Angeles.  Alex helped me to see that this change in direction wasn't necessarily a bad thing, but a natural part of growth and ultimately life.  Somehow after months of struggle, he helped me find the permission I needed.  It wasn't Alex's permission, but my own - discovered in the words he'd deftly drawn out of me.  A month later, I followed my heart and made the move.


Shannon Algeo 

Founder of Soulumination 

Alex Kip is the real deal. He is a true visionary and knows how to put purpose into powerful action. Alex inspires, motivates, challenges, and leads. I'm grateful our paths have crossed. 


Patrick Cragin

Actor, Creator of Dope Notes

Mark my words, Alex Kip will be one of the most influential voices of our generation. His curiosity for good and awareness of mind and body he has acquired over the past 5 years amazes me. Having Alex as a spiritual guide/life coach/mentor would benefit anyone and everyone looking to enhance their life. Since I've been working with Alex, I have become so much more open to what life has to offer me, which has presented unbelievable opportunities for growth in my life like booking major roles on TV shows to developing my own content. I still call him every other day to keep his voice of wisdom in my ear. I don't know how it works, but having him in your life gives you angel wings...#alexgivesyouwings


Anne Markt

Certified Nutritional Coach 

Alex is an incredibly hard working, dedicated, intelligent, and talented individual.  Someone who has the capacity to do absolutely anything he sets his mind to.  He has overcome so much already in his life's journey and has so much to offer others on their journey as well.  I would recommend anyone work with Alex who feels moved to fulfill their higher potential and needs that accountability partner and support system to help guide the way.  


Russ Terry 

Exectuive Producer, Life Coach Radio Networks

You're a star in the making.  I'm grateful I know you :) 

Erin Scott

Consultant and Director, Project Management at Benefactor Group

I've had the pleasure of mowing Alex for over 10 years. His thoughtful, challenging advice has always led me to joy. Alex showed me that step one to achieving success in both my personal and professional life was embracing who I was that very minute. Rather than striving to be someone else, I focused on personal improvement through embracing my own unique qualities--a practice Alex put in place for me. I am so grateful for his wisdom and friendship!

Public Speaking clients


JNR Inc. - Senior Account Manager, Operations

“Random acts of kindness… Last Thursday night I had a front row seat to witness just this very thing…and it changed my life. I’m serious! Thursday, April 24 at 8:30 PM I witnessed such a powerful act of giving that it brought the entire room to tears.”

UnitedHealthcare- Manager

“Holy cow!  I want to thank Alex for his transparency and sharing his experience... he hit a homerun!”

CEO University for Michigan Health System

“Alex Kip is the epitome of courage. In the face of having his Broadway dreams destroyed, he adapted to his new reality and turned it into a way to evolve and reinvent himself as a person and as an artist. It can be easy to give up and become a victim of circumstance. It is not easy to confront and surmount obstacles that get in the way of your dreams. Yet, that’s what Alex has done... we are privileged to witness and experience transformational moments of strength, survival and courage. Nothing is more inspiring.” 

UnitedHealthcare National Accounts - Manager, Events

“Alex, you brought tears to my eyes… thank you again for the kindness, inspiration and hope… it is amazing how this one act of kindness is going to spread to a million acts of kindness. It was a special night and one I will never forget. Glad I was a part of it with the rest of these amazing people!”

UnitedHealthcare National Accounts - Senior Event Specialist

“Thank you Alex, it was a pleasure hearing your story and meeting you, you are a true inspiration and I hope your speaking endeavors multiply by the thousands from this exposure.”