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SoulFeed is an iTunes rated 'Top Podcast' designed for you transform, take charge, and master your career, relationships, and life. My co-host Shannon Algeo and I interview inspirational thought leaders like Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, Caroline Myss, Jairek Robbins, and more + life coaching to #SoulWarriors just like you .  Subscribe here to stay inspired!  

Do we really need nature? How does it actually improve our lives? If you want to increase your memory performance and attention span by 20%, counteract depression, or develop a stronger community, then nature is for you. More importantly, it’s where the divine is most easily accessed.

In this episode, Alex will reveal why we need nature, how it operates in our lives (both scientifically and spiritually), and what you can do to connect back to your place of origin.

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Soul Warriors, we live in a time when we are open to healing in public, and we do this by sharing our stories with one another.

Mark Gonzales's work breaks borders to wage beauty across continents of language and culture, which has earned him respect for his creative approaches to suicide prevention, human rights and human development.

Mark's book "In Times of Terror, Wage Beauty" is a poetic proclamation that pierces through the the current consciousness of our time.  Visit to find out more.

In this podcast, Mark shares how his work through the Institute of Narrative Growth is shifting the way individuals and communities use STORY and IMAGINATION to re-shape the narratives of our time.

Described as ‘Khalil Gibran meets Pablo Neruda,’ Mark is an HBO Def Jam poet who has shared his writing on stage around the world, including the first TEDxRamallah talks held in Palestine, which led him to trend worldwide on Twitter. As a community builder he was an invited speaker at the United Nations tribunal on Social Exclusion.

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Gretchen Rubin is a New York Times best-selling author of The Happiness Project, Better Than Before, and Happier At Home. In this podcast, Gretchen shares her ongoing research on what makes us HAPPIER in our lives. Her HIT podcast HAPPIER (the #1 Self-Help podcast on iTunes) shares personal, fun, & insightful tools and tips to live a happier life.

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How do you invest in yourself? Where do you put your hard earned money? On this podcast we talk a lot about investing in self-care, but what about investing in self-knowledge? The more you learn, the more you earn! In this episode, you’ll learn how most millionaires think about investing, how our heroes got to where they are, and what it takes to reach another level. By the end, you’ll think about investing in yourself in a whole new way.

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Who should you rely on to manifest your purpose? If you're an entrepreneur in the personal development space (or you're ready to get started!), whether you're a coach, a yoga teacher, a healer, or a speaker, we all look to leaders like to show us how it's done. But at the end of the day, these teachers are mirrors for us -- revealing to us our OWN light. In this episode we address fear-mindedness, how to be an effective leader, struggles that come up when we idolize our teachers, when to to say, 'F*CK it!' and how to invest in your own healing, development, and training.

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Soul Warriors, be humbled with us! In this episode, we are Caroline's 'grasshoppers,' so get ready. Caroline Myss is a medical intuitive who developed the field of Energy Anatomy, a science that correlates specific emotional/psychological/spiritual stress patterns with diseases. She explains to us the four archetypal patterns that exist in ALL of us and the role these patterns play in our awakening. She wakes us up to take full responsibility for our physical, mental, and emotional energy through her teachings of medical intuition and mysticism. 

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In this first free video training (and you definitely get a juicy taste in this podcast episode!), she takes on issue #1: confidence! Gabby will teach you how to gain the confidence to step out as a leader and truly own your voice. She’ll share her personal story of how she became a speaker, author and public figure with zero background in her field. She’ll also divulge the three steps that helped her embrace her power and become a leader. In turn, you’ll gain the confidence to share your transformational message in your own way. This video training is TOO GOOD to miss! 

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Are you achieving the quality of success that you desire and deserve? 

Jairek Robbins is helping thousands of Soul Warriors like you and me achieve success by living with purpose in our lives and businesses. At just 31-years old, he has a decade of performance coaching experience and he continues to unlock secrets for maximizing performance and organizational success. 

Listen as Jairek stretches the boundaries of our traditional thinking and teaches us the tactical, practical tools to living our lives with purpose.

Check out Jairek at

How do you connect to joy in any given moment?  In this episode, Alex leads you through a singing meditation where you can find joy now and learn how to find it instantly yourself.  

Does that mean you’ll never experience darkness?  No!  In fact, Alex illustrates how darkness can actually lead you to deeper joy in the end.  Connect back to your light no matter what mood you’re in with Alex now.

Are you struggling with an addiction of any kind? Elena began writing this poem on Day 1 of her sobriety. Now, this spoken word poem is for you. It's for all of us - any of us - who need support as we shift into healing and recovery. This reading brought both Elena and me to tears, and I know and hope it will serve you on your path. Please listen to it as often as you need, and share it with whomever will benefit from listening. 

This version of Ritual of Recovery was recorded by Elena with music by East Forest (

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Do you want to access to more freedom and truth-telling in your life? Elena Brower shares the art of listening, how to meditate, how to get clarity in relationships, the struggle of owning a yoga studio, sobriety, and more. You are going to want to listen to this episode, as Elena shows us the way through her illuminating journey.

Elena Brower is known internationally for her resonant, relevant voice that speaks directly to your heart's wisdom. In this episode, she opens up to us about her personal struggles in a way that is truly inspiring and enlightening. 

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Who is the 'you' having this experience right now? Deepak teaches us who we really are, who we are not, and the secrets of consciousness.

Deepak Chopra is the author of 80 books, including 22 NYTimes bestsellers. He is the bridge between Western Science and Eastern Spirituality. His life’s work brings science and spirituality into oneness. 

Soul Warriors, get ready to hear one of our favorite SoulFeed podcast guests to date!

Want to know the secrets to human performance?  

When it comes to understanding flow, the world turns to one man in particular, Steven Kotler.  Steven is a New York Times bestselling author, an award-winning journalist and the cofounder/director of research for the Flow Genome Project.

His writings have been translated into over 40 languages and appeared in over 80 publications, including The New York Times, Atlantic Monthly, Forbes, Wired and TIME. He is best known for his non-fiction books, including the New York Times bestseller Bold and The Rise of Superman, one of the most talked about books in 2013 and the first book in history to land on national bestseller lists in the sports, science, and business categories simultaneously.

Learn more about the world’s leading experts on ultimate human performance by listening now and visiting

Ready to learn the styles, tactics, and wisdom of what it takes to communicate your message with confidence?

Bill McGowan is the person leaders look to from all over the world to transform their communication and public speaking skills into authentic, passionate and persuasive narratives. Whether he’s training executives from Facebook, Google, The New York Times, Spotify, or whether he’s working with people like Bill O’Reilly, Sheryl Sanberg, Connie Cheung, or Charlie Rose, Bill's expertise increases performance tenfold.

If you need a master coach to fine-tune your public speaking skills or prep for your next TED talk, check out Bill's training company at

Are you ready to take your life, your career, or your personal development to the next level in a big freakin' way?

Joel Brown is the CEO and Founder of Addicted2Success. In this episode, Joel shares with us why he created the Addicted2Success online platform and how he generated over 57 million views in just 4 years. At age 27, Joel is generating over $100,000 per year from his online business and has said no to multiple million dollar buy out deals. 

We are super inspired not only by Joel's ability to manifest fast success in the world, but also by his deep sense of personal integrity and his connection to his 'highest values,' as he calls them. 

Listen in to take your business, your values, and your life to a whole new level. 

Be sure to go to to get electrified with inspiration from Joel and his team.

Ever had that awkward moment where you had to make a sale and didn’t know what to do?  Or perhaps you don’t know how to get paid for what you’re worth?   Do you hate the idea of “selling?”  Then this episode is for you! 

Luckily, Alex has the #1 salesperson in the world, Kinja Dixon, here to break down the process, myths, and ways to sell with soul.  

At the end of the day, it’s not about “selling” anything, it’s about discovering more of who you are, and how your gifts can positively change someone else’s life. 

Listen to discover the 5 full proof strategies from Kinja on how to transform your relationship to “selling.”  For more info on Kinja and a chance to win $10,000 by purchasing his book “Universal Talk Laws,” visit:

Do Shannon and Alex always gel together so well?

The honest answer is helllll no, Soul Warriors! Our relationship, just like all collaborative relationships, has gone through ups and downs, tough moments and thrilling ones. 

In this episode, we share with each other (quite candidly) what has worked and what hasn't. 

Because we stick with it, we continue to learn about each other and ourselves. Heck, we learned a lot recording this episode! 

A healthy, long-lasting relationship takes practice, honesty, vulnerability, trust, time, space, and a whole lot of faith. If there's a relationship you are struggling with in your life, come get some inspiration on how to deal. 

Kundalini Yoga is a complete yogic science and technology dealing with the strength of the physical body, balance of the emotional terrain, endurance of the psyche, and activation of the full range of endocrine, hormonal and nervous systems.

Guru Jagat has been deemed the new face of Kundalini Yoga, as she teaches this practice internationally. She brings a fresh, young take to this ancient practice by teaching her students how it can be used as a technology to achieve and sustain long-lasting happiness. Guru Jagat was taught by Yogi Bhajan, the Kundalini Master responsible for bringing the practice to the US. 

You can stream Kundalini Yoga classes with Guru Jagat. Sign-up for the FREE trial at

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Do you know that we all go into hypnotic trance several times per day without knowing it? 

Master Hypnotist Doug O'Brien is Alex's hypnosis teacher, and he is going to teach us how to use hypnotic techniques to tap into our "other than conscious" minds. These exercises are super relaxing and empowering! 

Doug is an internationally recognized expert in Ericksonian Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Havening. He shows clients how to use these powerful tools to overcome fears, reduce stress, and create new positive habits.

As a Hypnotherapist he worked with Dr. Oz to help create the Department of Complimentary Medicine at Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital in New York City. Connect with Doug at

This 10-minute hypnotic meditation led by master hypnotist and NLP trainer Doug O'Brien will surely take you to another place. Enjoy the ride, Soul Warrior! 

To connect with Doug, go to

Have you ever found yourself not getting everything you set out to do done?  Have you wanted to make massive progress but have no one to bounce ideas off of?  Then finding an accountability partner is for you.  Alex explains how and why having an accountability partner will 10x your life in every way. 

In fact, he's designed a survey for you to take where he will personally set you up with your own accountability partner for FREE.  Visit --> to find your partner on your path to success.

To get FREE weekly powerful ways to create a life of purpose head on over to and sign up for his email updates.

How can you take any and all mediocre areas of your life and actively create your ideal life?

We were totally blown away by the way Laurie takes 100% responsibility for her life AND by the way she designs her life according to her ideal vision. 

Laurie teaches the Handel Group Life Coaching method at MIT, Stanford Business School, NYU, in public schools, and companies all over the world.

This powerful coaching method is 'no bullshit' and challenges us to become fully empowered human beings who are the best-selling authors of our own lives. There is no space for mediocrity with this fiery woman! Get ready for some #TruthTime.

Book your FREE 30 minute coaching call with a Handel Group staffer to assess priorities, suggest a plan, and provide insight into the balancing act of life. Link to the free coaching call is here:

Check out the Handel Group website here:

Are you fiery? watery? airy? earthy? spacey? Yes to all! 

Ali Cramer is an international Yoga and Ayurveda practitioner, and she is going to break down the ancient Ayurvedic system for us and help us harness our own unique nature to create balance and well-being in our lifestyle. 

Ayurveda is amazing because it intuitive, easily-applicable, and very necessary today in our busy world. 

Ali is the Creative Director at Laughing Lotus Yoga Center in NYC. She is a Visiting Scholar at Columbia University’s Spirituality in Psychology Masters Program, where she teaches on Ayurveda and the Chakra system.

Shannon's friend Bligh Voth (and now Alex's too!) is the creator of the hit blog Avocados Are For Rich People. 

Bligh practices the rare, nuanced mastery of using self-deprecating humor to stay in a place of eternal abundance. We know there's a fine line between self-deprecation and self-flagellation. Bligh's lighthearted spirit combined with her quick wit keeps us in a place of joyful abundance as we navigate life's challenges. 

Enjoy listening to Bligh's humor, love, and tips for being awesome. Check out Bligh's blog Avocados Are For Rich People:

Who are you? Yes, you! No, not what the world has tried to make you. Not what your past tells you. Not what your worries tell you about your future. Who are you?

If you’ve ever felt like your identity has been completely shattered, then Alex will reveal how to reclaim your identity and live beyond your labels in this episode of SoulFeed.

Amy Schuber is a Strategic Success Life & Business Coach and the creator of the Inspired Conversations Podcast, which just celebrated it's 100th episode. 

Amy shares with us how she shifted from working in corporate America to living an inspired life as a thriving entrepreneur. Amy also shares how she launched and continues to run her highly successful podcast show.

Amy's journey inspires us to learn by doing and to be seekers, looking for all the opportunities that we have available to us.

We're going to wake up with mindfulness coach Ryan Weiss, Soul Warriors! 

Ryan is the creator of "Waking up with Ryan," a morning e-mail and video series that wakes up thousands of people up to their creativity, compassion, and brilliance before getting sucked into the insanity of the day.

Listen as Ryan shares game-changing daily practices that make him a vibrant, efficient, and successful human being in the world. To get Ryan's morning emails, go to

Have you ever heard that word "synchronicity" thrown around by other Soul Warriors?  What does it really mean?  How do you recognize when it shows up in your life?  Alex offers some surprising hints about how to tap into synchronicity and understand how it's working in your life.  

Discover how to hear the universes whispers so you can create a life of purpose.  *BONUS:  In the end he offers a free giveaway just for you, so make sure you listen through.  

Are you looking for a new approach? This episode is an exciting one for any of us who have been to therapy sessions, are therapists, or have curiosity about the ever-evolving field of therapy. Robert J. Landy founded Dramatherapy at NYU in 1984, and he trains therapists who are practicing Dramatherapy all over the world. 

You're about to hear Robert 1) feed our soul through his deep passion for Dramatherapy, 2) explain how this form of therapy is unique, and 3) share some of the most powerful tools and techniques that he uses with his clients. 

We're going to go on a "Hero’s Journey." Off we go, Soul Warrior! 

Oprah-celebrated NY Times Best Selling Author, Marianne Williamson believes that the political and spiritual movements are one and the same. Marianne will teach you why the ego is deeply insane, insights from her Congressional run, and how it is our responsibility to recognize the power we have to restore our American conscience and democracy. Plus a bonus prayer/meditation led by Marianne at the end.

This is a must-practice 7-minute mediation led by Seane Corn, a true gift where you will connect to your body, remember the interconnectedness of the whole of humanity, and align with peace itself. Give yourself some space and time to go within and love big. For requests for FREE coaching on the show and questions, e-mail

Internationally celebrated yoga instructor Seane Corn gives you insight into her childhood trauma and teaches you how to turn your wounds into your life’s purpose. She will show you how to use a platform of success to serve something greater than yourself. Listen to how Seane is able to have a global impact, both on and off the yoga mat. For requests for FREE coaching on the show and questions, e-mail

How do I find my purpose?  This question is coming up for a lot of Soul Warriors.  Did you ever lose it to begin with?  No, it's right there waiting for you! 

In this episode, Alex reveals some surprising insights into "finding your purpose."  He'll take you through THREE powerful questions to install a GPS purpose phrase for your life.  

Your purpose is to give your life purpose.  So let's start now!

Do you ever lose connection to your life's BIG mission? We do. Sometimes life is tough and $h!t gets in the way! When we are holding on to old vibes, our energy can get stuck. Hemalayaa teaches us simple energy-releasing tools so we can let go and get present. 

Hemalayaa leads empowerment workshops all over the world and is about to teach us her celebrated three-step process for clearing your mind, connecting to your body, and living a life of higher purpose. 

*This is a fun, interactive episode. Hemalayaa guides us through some transformational experiences using yoga, dance, movement, sound, and various healing modalities. If you have space, you can go through these exercises with us. If not, you can listen to Shannon and Alex having fun as they release their tension! 

Have you forgotten you are being divinely guided through all moments of your life? It can be easy to forget: we are never alone. 

Jordan Bach is a powerful life coach and lightworker who has been called “the LGBT architect of the next decade” by The Advocate.

If you are ready to launch your spiritual business and serve others at a whole new level, this episode for you. As Jordan says “When the teacher is ready, the pupils are already waiting.” Our time to light up the world is now. Get ready to shine. Jordan is a magical leader, healer, and coach. His words, wisdom, and grace inspire us to go after our big dreams with ease and grace.

+You'll also hear Jordan share his unique coaching process with us. 

Do you know how to have a conversation with your partner about intimacy that will take your relationship to a deeper level?

Intimacy coach Kamala Chambers teaches how to develop an intimate relationship with yourself so you can access intimacy in *all* important relationships in your life. Kamala is also the host of the Lasting Love Connection podcast. Listen for her profound, yet simple tools, wisdom, & grace! 

Do you ever feel lonely?  In this episode, Alex breaks down some science on the surprising effects of loneliness + addiction.  This new research reveals some insights into the world of addiction that often gets overlooked.  Hear how to change your life by changing your environment and connecting back to love. 

Is your business partner driving you crazy? Are you considering getting an 'entrepreneur-divorce?' Bliss Out Wellness coaches Fern Olivia Langham and Sarah Anne Stewart lay down some 'real talk' with Shannon and Alex about their podcast partnership + clarify what works and what does NOT work in business relationships. Fern and Sarah share practical tools for you to maintain a successful, collaborative partnership. PLUS they vulnerably open up and share lessons learned from their own partnership. Be sure to hear the authentic insights that Fern and Sarah so generously offer! Head over to to get involved. 

Do you sometimes struggle to accept your body as it is? Do thoughts about the way you 'should look' put a damper on your spiritual practice? In this coaching session, Alex and Shannon coach an amazing Soul Warrior, Derric, as he identifies his Ego and connects to a deep part of himself that is rooted in power, grace, and ease. Listen for Derric's transition into self-empowerment! 

To download your free SoulFeed meditation, go to

In this episode, Alex talks about how darkness shows up in our lives.  Have you ever experienced a dark, depressing time?  How do you move out of it?  And how do you claim your light?  Most people try to ignore their own suffering instead of diving in to it.  Alex explains why this can work against our healing. Listen to his practical tips at the end to get you moving towards your purpose and living your love again.

What is the 'War on Drugs' and why are law enforcement unions so protective of mass incarceration? Because more African American men are being incarcerated for drug sale and use, does that actually mean that African American men are selling and using drugs at a higher rate? Lynne Lyman (California State Director for the Drug Policy Alliance) breaks down the 3 main problems with the war on drugs, and she busts the myths that many people believe to be true about mass incarceration. Knowledge is power - you will be will be enlightened by learning the powerful information and statistics that Lynne has to share with us!

Relationship coach and expert Luis Congdon shares the 3 most common problems in relationships + how to attract the partner you want to be with. This is a good one - a must listen if you are ready to elevate your relationship to the next level.  Luis is the co-host of the Lasting Love Connection podcast with his partner Kamala Chambers. Go to for a free video training series. And be sure to listen to Shannon and Alex on the Lasting Love Connection podcast!

Have you ever been paralyzed by fear? Ever wanted to start something new by didn't know how? In this episode, Alex explains how to go on the adventure that your soul is calling you on. Everyone experiences fear when doing something new, because the first actionable steps are not always clear. Get ready for Alex to clear this up as he teaches you how to make fear your compass so you can live your love and spread your light. 

Teen idol, pop music sensation, and anti-bullying activist Meredith O'Connor helps tens of thousands of fans accept themselves for who they are. Her anthem "The Game" has changed, and sometimes saved the lives of young people who are victims of bullying. In addition to her music tour, Meredith goes into schools to initiate an open dialogue about bullying and self-acceptance. On SoulFeed, Meredith opens up about her own experiences being tormented in school and her journey to self-acceptance. At just 18 years old, Meredith is a powerful inspiration to us all! Listen for how she inspires + some singing in this episode! Shannon and Alex join in too!

Are you sick of your inner critic holding you back?  We sure are!  In this episode Alex gives you 5 ways to trick your inner critic.  He shares how his inner critic gets in his way and how he was able to bust through it.  Get ready to have some fun with your critic so you can start living your light!

2015 Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Victor Ochen is the youngest African and first Ugandan to receive the peace prize nomination. Despite spending most of his life surrounded by war, crimes against humanity, and often surviving on one meal per day, Victor maintained a deep love for peace and powerfully activated his community. His organization, the African Youth Initiative (AYINET), assists victims of serious war crimes and creates post-conflict programs to wage widespread reconciliation. Find out how a 13-year-old boy's peace club led to a Nobel nomination.

Get to know the real Alex Kip! Who is Alex Kip? In this episode, Alex shares his cancer story of survival, the power of community, and how when you have the courage to heal yourself, you can heal the world. You will be challenged to share your greatest gifts with the world, acknowledge your WINS, and learn the delicate balance between profound stillness and massive action. Includes a challenge + a bonus meditation for you to practice.

International yoga teacher, writer, and body image expert Erica Mather gives you insight on how to answer your higher calling. Erica leads you to embrace the "figuring-it-out" process of entrepreneurship + she shares how you can confidently charge money as a business owner. Erica also teaches us how to breathe in this episode! Includes a challenge + a bonus meditation for you to practice this week.

Hear coaches Shannon Algeo and Alex Kip work with Casey as she's ready to take charge of her career.  Listen to how Casey goes from cloudiness to clarity, by getting connected to what's really important to her.  Get inspired to identify what you want, trust that it’s possible, and take action toward your goal right NOW! Includes a challenge + a bonus meditation for you to practice this week. 

In this SoulFeed intro episode, coaches Shannon Algeo and Alex Kip share their personal stories of self-development and why you are here to take charge, transform, and master your career, relationships, and life. Fun and vulnerable, this episode is about listening to the calling of your soul and includes a challenge + a purpose-aligning meditation toward the end. Welcome, Soul Warrior!