Sarah Anne Stewart: How to Meditate Slim.

Sarah Anne Stewart: How to Meditate Slim.

Have you ever felt disappointed because you couldn't lose weight, no matter what you tried?

Sarah Anne Stewart, a renowned certified holistic health practitioner and weight loss coach is going to tell you why.

Our Guest:

Sarah Anne Stewart was thrown into the world of wellness as a teenager when her father was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Her family made a choice - to fight back with alternative medicine. Seven months later, her dad was declared cancer-free, and a spark was lit in Sarah that propelled her to dedicate her life to spreading the healings her family had discovered. Today, Sarah runs one of New York City’s leading private coaching practices, as a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner (AADP), with a primary focus on nutrition and permanent weight loss. Her heart-centered approach has allowed hundreds to reach their health goals naturally, without ‘crash' dieting. Sarah is also the founder of the Holistically Slim Movement, an advisor to several empowerment groups, an in-demand public speaker, and author of the e-course, “Meditate Slim”. When not supporting her clients, she can be found leading transformative wellness experiences around the globe. Her mission and passion are one in the same: Shifting the world to a greater state of happiness through well-being.

Quick Preview of the Podcast:

  • The “Eat Healthy” myth exposed!
  • Why you aren’t losing weight no matter how hard you try to eat healthy- and what to do instead.   
  • How to lose weight and slim down the mental baggage using the power of your mind.

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Listen in to discover the lies you’ve been told around weight and how to meditate slim.

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