Purpose Driven Life

Purpose Driven Life

"What's my purpose!?  What's my purpose?!"

Have you ever found yourself asking that?  I know I have!  

In fact, it's the most common question that comes up when I'm coaching with people.  It's funny because we make it SO complicated.  

"The very fact of your existence indicates that you have a purpose." -Wayne Dyer

Hmmm so good!  But that still can be kinda confusing, right? 

So in this video, I'm going help you come up with a phrase that will be your new GPS purpose statement.  

Watch here to come up with your 6 word sentence.  

How many decisions do you make a day?  Without knowing why you're making them it can get confusing as hell!  Once you come up with this you can make decisions that align with what you really want.  

You'll just ask, "does this align with my new freakin' awesome sentence!?"  If it's not a HELL YES then it's a HELL NO!  

Your purpose has always been there inside of you!  Your purpose is to give your life purpose, period.    

Every time you ask, "what is my purpose," you're telling your brain that you don't have one.  So no more of that!

In the comment below answer the 4 questions.  I'm dying to know how you can reclaim your purpose that was always yours to begin with!  Share this post with anyone who might need a little light today! 

As always, live in love and spread your light Soul Warrior!


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