Pat Flynn: How to Make Passive Income with Soul

How to Make Passive Income with Soul

Ever wonder how passive income really works?

Pat Flynn breaks it down in this enlightening episode…

Our Guest:

Pat Flynn is a beloved thought leader in the areas of online entrepreneurship, digital marketing, and lifestyle.

As an entrepreneur, blogger, and podcaster known for his website Smart Passive Income, where he conducts income experiments and shares the results, the Smart Passive Income podcast is consistently ranked in the top 10 podcasts in iTunes's Business category.

Flynn started Flynndustries after being laid off from his architecture job in 2008.  Since then, he has created various businesses and popularized the idea of publishing "income reports" detailing how much his businesses make every month.  To date, Flynn's businesses have generated over $3 million in revenue.  For more about Pat and his new book “Will it Fly” visit

Quick Preview of the Podcast:

  • Learn the difference between trading time for money and passive income.
  • How to make a radical shift in the way you think about “employment.”
  • The exact strategy to get your business or any idea off the ground.
  • What you can do to start making passive income NOW!

Learn how to take your soulful passion and turn it into passive income.

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