James Swanwick: Challenge what you think you're capable of.

James Swanwick: Challenge what you think you're capable of.

Ever wanted to go on a no alcohol challenge? Our guest James make it fun and easy!

Our Guest:

James Swanwick is a Los Angeles‐based Australian‐American entrepreneur who helps social drinkers reduce or quit alcohol. Swanwick is the creator of the 30 Day No Alcohol Challenge, co‐founder of Swanwick Sleep, and hosts The James Swanwick Show podcast.

Swanwick has spoken at the Bulletproof Conference and has written for Thought CatalogMindBodyGreenElite Daily, and Elephant Journal.

A former ESPN SportsCenter anchor and Hollywood celebrity journalist, Swanwick interviewed world leaders like Al Gore, champion athletes, and movie stars like Bradley Cooper, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston and more. For more about James visit http://jamesswanwick.com.

Quick Preview of the Podcast:
● How to get what you want even when there’s no roadmap.
● The surprising benefits of going on a 30 day no alcohol challenge so you can have more fun.
● Why your body has tricked you into thinking you need things that you really don’t.

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