Increase your speaking confidence w/ two-time Emmy award winner

Increase your speaking confidence w/ two-time Emmy award winner

Ever wondered why people’s greatest fear is public speaking?  

Statistically, research shows that people fear public speaking more than death! WHAT?!

Is that you?

I hope not!  But if it is, then Bill McGowan is going to blow you away!  Bill is the person leaders look to from all over the world to transform their communication and public speaking skills into authentic, passionate, and persuasive narratives.

Whether he’s training executives from Facebook, Google, The New York Times, Spotify, or whether he’s working with people like Bill O’Reilly, Sheryl Sanberg, Connie Cheung, or Charlie Rose, Bill's expertise increases performance tenfold.

--> LISTEN HERE<-- to learn what Bill taught them!  

I gotta admit, I've always thought I was a great public speaker, but Bill really taught me A LOT about how to up my game!  In fact, at the very end he gives Shannon and I tips's about how to improve our podcast... so humbling!

That being said, he also posted about our episode, "Shannon and Alex were among the best interviewers I've encountered throughout the entire book media tour!"  BOOM!  HUMBLE BRAG (I know, not so humble).  

Point being, listen here because this is a fun one!  

Get ready to learn the styles, tactics, and wisdom of what it takes to communicate your message with confidence because we all have one whether you're on a stage or not!

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