How To Make Fear Your Compass

How To Make Fear Your Compass

I have to know… Do you experience fear right when you're starting something new?  Is it just me?  

I’ve been going on a lot of new adventures and there’s one emotion that keeps popping up… FEAR!  Stupid freakin' fear go away!!! 

These were just a handful of my recent fears- Any of them sound familiar?

  • Finishing up the SoulFeed podcast = “Ahhhh will Marianne Williamson really come on for an interview? (Yes, she did!) "

  • Moving THIS weekend = “Ahhh!!!!!!!! (NYC people get it)”

  • Signing with my first manager =  “Ahhh is now the right time!?"

  • Successfully pulling off my first seminar= “Ahhh did people learn enough?"

  • Developing this Kip TV video you’re about to watch below= “Ahhh will you watch?”

Blah, blah, blah, the list and fears go on!  So what fears are coming up for you?  Cause let me tell you, I’ve learned something really important…  fear should be our compass.  

I found out this past weekend at my seminar (which went great, that’s right stupid fears) that we ALL experience FEAR when we’re going on new adventures. In fact, that was the common theme that came up for everyone. 

And of course we do, why wouldn’t we?   Doing something new is scary.   There’s really two choices when you feel fear…

No OR Go.

So how do you GO when your brain is telling you NO?! 

Here’s a little secret- if you’re feeling fear about something then you’re on the right track!  Unless you’re being dragged into a basement cellar by a realtor you don’t know, then you can run (and yes, that happened to me)...  

Otherwise, get comfortably being uncomfortable, because fear is your compass letting you know you’re heading in the right direction.  Soon you’ll find comfort in that uncomfortable situation and you can move on to the next.  Then you’ll look back and wonder why you even felt that uncomforted to begin with. 

Your fear only disappears by taking action! 

Your dreams are important and I would hate to see fear get in the way.  After all, it’s mostly FalseEvidenceAppearingReal.  So again, check out the free video on how to take one step towards your new adventure.

I’m dying to know…

  1. What are three things that cause you fear?
  2. What’s the worst that could happen?
  3. How can you take one step today towards your fear
As always, write your answers in the comments below! 

Once you own it you’ll see just how false that fear is.  Go ahead and share this with anyone you know heading on a new adventure this year… their fears will probably hate you for it (oh well)! 

Live light,


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