How To Live Your Light...

How To Live Your Light...

Quick question... Are you living your light?

Not your life, but your light? I know we're all living our life, but I'm talking about that spark inside that ignites you with passion and purpose! That's your light.

Everyone is born with their own inner light. Yet as I've been coaching many people, I find that so many of us are disconnected from that thing that really lights up our relationships, careers, health, and life. 

In a world where we're constantly pushing happiness over the horizon, our views of what success means is often skewed. Pretty soon our batteries to our inner flashlight start to wear out. Then, all at once we can't seem to turn on the switch again. It's easy to lose your light, I know from experience...I struggled for a while trying to find that thing that lights me up.

I had some pretty dark night. After losing my voice, surviving cancer, and then regaining it all I was left pretty confused about where I wanted to go. This last year it finally clicked... and that's simply to spread light through mass media so others can find their light! Click here to see what I mean...

It took me a while to step out and really speak my voice again, the voice that had been silenced for so long. I've learned that once we make our lives about helping others our fears start to dissipate.

Truly, your biggest dimmer is fear! And it takes a lot to work past these fears... 

Has your light been dimmed? Here's some quick questions to ask yourself. Answer these in the comments below because there's power in voicing them:

1. What lit you up as a kid? 

2. When and where do you feel most alive?

3. When are where do you feel extinguished? 

4. How can you light your spark again? 

These are all clues pointing back to your inner light. Once we start exploring again, we can finally start to let go of some of those fears that are holding us back. Then we can start living our light.

Now help spread the light by sharing with your friends and family. Would love to hear from you in the comments below!