Craig Clemens: Writing your way to impact.

Craig Clemens:  Writing your way to impact.

One of my good friends, Craig, the best copywriter around, taught me an important lesson on this podcast, “it’s not about you!  It’s all about them!”      

Sounds simple, I know!  BUT - when you’re writing for your audience it’s easy to get lost in your own stories and forget how it relates to them.  

Craig has turned multiple companies into million dollar brands through writing alone. So, I’m sure you’re wondering...

How can you impact your readers and the world with writing? Craig Clemens has the answers.

Our guest:

When it comes to writing brand messages that turn in millions of people into happy customers, there is no one more effective than Craig Clemens. In the last 2 years, Craig has written 3 of the 4 biggest direct-to-consumer campaigns on the internet (as ranked by, the most successful bringing in 33,600 new customers in it's first 2 days live on the web, and doing so at a profit. It's not uncommon for his brand stories to go viral, with a recent message viewed by a startling 28 million people, and another by 22 million. Craig honed his craft mentoring under legendary entrepreneur Eben Pagan, and now spends his time working with his own team of up and coming writers. Craig is an avid investor and advisor to tech start-ups including Andela and Zenrez, and is always looking for new opportunities to add value. 

Quick Preview of the Podcast:

  • How to influence and gain authority with your writing.
  • The most common website copy mistakes and how to fix them.
  • Why it’s not about you and all about them.
  • What you need to know before writing for anyone.  

If you know your vision statement, writing becomes a lot easier.  Discover your “Breakthrough Vision Statement” by texting “mybreakthrough” to 33444 or by clicking here.

Learn how you can have more of an impact on readers, spread your message, and change the world with Craig.

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