Alex Woodard: Your Purpose Finds You

Do we always have to find our purpose or can it find you?

Alex Woodard has a compelling book-album (super unique) that has reached thousands of listeners and reader alike.

Our Guest:

Alex Woodard has toured nationally behind three critically-acclaimed albums, earning prestigious industry nods and sharing the stage with some of today's most popular acts, before becoming a published author.

His book and album series, For The Sender, features a story of release and redemption woven through songs written about real-life letters. Wayne Dyer calls Alex, "... one of the greatest writers I've ever discovered.”

When he's not surfing in his beach town north of San Diego, Alex lives with a big dog and two bigger horses in the mountains of Idaho.

Quick Preview of the Podcast:

  • How to stop chasing your purpose and let it find you
  • What to do when the unexpected comes calling
  • Why you’re creative talents are waiting to be expressed
  • The importance of innovation in spreading love to others
  • Let your purpose find you in this special episode.

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